Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Story Of The Crossroads

The crossroads has long been a place of legend.  It is embedded in cultural myths across the globe.  From Goethe's story of Faust to blues guitarist Robert Johnson "selling his soul to the devil," the crossroads is the midnight meeting place of risk, danger, and forbidden choices.  On a literal level, it is the intersection of two raods; on a spiritual level it is the intersection of this earthly plane and the spiritual realm beyond.  In the case of American Blues folklore, it was usually an old dirt road, often associated with an area around Clarksdale, Mississippi - the home of many famous blues musicians.  From Bob Dylan to Lil' Wayne, contemporary artists continue to make enigmatic references to this same story.   Whether carrying a negative, evil connotation or offering a glimple into transcendence and glory, the crossroads is the double-edged Dionysian energy encountered by the artist and shaman alike.

For the purposes of this enterprise, it is not a place of bargaining with evil forces.  Rather, it is a place of communication where The Graveyard Cowboy translates the unseen world into the seen, the ineffable mysteries into the language and culture of the human population.  

Welcome to the Crossroads
It ain't what you think
Your vision is your pen
And your illusion is the ink

You get light for your pain here
And you get shadows for your love
Make a wish then dismiss it all
For what's below is also above

The mosaic in all dimensions
Half art, half sacred signs
If you can track your own given cycles
Then you can track eternal time.

The doorman waited for your childhood
But your adolescence took all of the tip
Sadness just played the banjo
As always no bullshit, no script

But deep where death and sex meet
The mind then realized it's shell
And everywhere nothing mattered
Just fragments and stories to tell

The face you lost in the party
And the lies you had wanted to give it---
Die here in your own psychic death
No more walls, no more fears, no limit...

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