Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Podcast Begins, Again. Mysticism. Christianity. Opening To Forever.

I quit my podcast for awhile mainly because it began to seem like more trouble than it was worth.  Statistically, most podcasts never produce more than 10 episodes, and when I say "most," I mean like over 98%.  They fail chiefly for that reason.  At least, that's what all these Make-Money-Online Blogger-Entrepreneurs seem to be saying these days.  Although I'm not exactly sure what they mean by "failing."  In fact, I was encouraged because, even after quitting my podcast (but leaving it up online and on iTunes) it continued to get lots of views, more so than when I was actually doing it regularly. And people wrote me, asking advice on spiritual matters, wondering when the next episode was.  So I'm starting back up; and this time there is more "backing" behind me.  The Graveyard Cowboy, LLC is now a partner company of Dabel Brothers Publishing, and we have even hired a few assistants to help. Get ready for some interesting stuff to blossom forth.

The podcast theme will generally remain the same: mysticism, - and mainly Christian mysticism, though though it should be mentioned that mystics often have more in common with mystics of other traditions than they do with the "average" parishioners of their own religion.

It's also occured to me, through a daily assault of religious news headlines, that much of the evangelical world continues to divide over the Trump-victory, while much of the spiritual-but-not-religious demographic continues to drift away from not only organized religion, but from the historical religious traditions themselves.  I even hear the word mystic used in different ways, often more to describe things that might fall under Neo-Paganism, metaphysical, or New Age categories.  A mention of that I do hearing people talking about Jewish mystics, Christian mystics, or Islamic mystics is less common, or at least less popular.  Indeed, even with Eastern religions, many in the West cling to a more culturally-convenient Hindu and Buddhist "derivative spirituality," rather than looking at the old traditions themselves.  I am reminded of a quote from a Leonard Cohen song, "The Land of Plenty," where he mourns: "For what's left of our religion, I lift my voice and pray...."  So much has been flooded by global commercialism, and it was all inevitable, too: an unfolding of Yeats' Gyre pattern of history.   A McDonald's on every street corner in the third world, a new reform-theology-meets-Modern-Country ethos in every non-denominational church - what's left but the web?  Well, maybe this is where the true good stuff  catches fire nowadays: where Mr. Robot meets The Exorcist, and Silicon Valley begins to feel a strange nostalgia for the Christ they thought they once loved.  So maybe it's good timing to start this show again.

But I think about digital marketing by default.  The best way to produce content still seems to be to follow your bliss and let the chips fall where they may.  There are many different people out there; one must believe the right ones will find each other.

So, in the mean time, subscribe to us on iTunes, write a review, help promote us if you can.  Or listen on our BlogTalkRadio page,  if that's easier.  And welcome....