Sunday, March 12, 2017

Podcast Interviews Of Spiritual Teachers: The Fan Favorites

I have a few interviews which stand out during my short tenure doing The Graveyard Cowboy At Midnight.  Here are a few interviews I think you would like....

1. Bill Epperly, Ph.D, an advanced seeker and student of Ken Wilber and Integral Spirituality, talks to me about viewing everyday living and the created world as a perpetual opportunity for growth.  The mystic path isn't all about withdrawal and silence; there is stuff here now, in these buys streets, that lead ever-so-beautifully to God.

2. Steve Austin.  The Patheos writer shares some of his personal experiences of wounding and recovery within the Christian tradition.

3. Rich Lewis.  Most recently I talked to Rich about his journey in centering prayer and the transformative power of contemplative practice.


Clint Sabom is an award-winning writer and former aspirant monk. He works as a Spiritual Coach at Contemplative Light. His new book, Preparation For Great Light is available on Amazon.

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