Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Process Of Publishing My Book

I have been sitting on these writings for, literally, ten years.  Most of them were written when I lived at a silent Benedictine monastery under The Episcopal Church.  At the time, I wrote down everything that happened in my life in about a six month period.  This included time spent apart from the monastery and adventures into the city life and social life of a 30 year-old, Beatnik type character: myself.  This resulted in a strange amalgam of contemplative-religion-meets-On-The-Road.  I made a few half-hearted attempts to contact literary agents, and then, after re-reading the book, and feeling lukewarm about it, stuck it on the shelf.  I just didn't like it anymore.  It couldn't quite decide what it wanted to be, and I couldn't quite decide if I even cared.

But as years passed, the manuscript weighed down the creative space inside me, like stuffing too many boxes in the attic and then realizing later you need the space for something else. Julia Cameron, in The Artist's Way, talks about these hang-ups that can block writers for years.  I realized I needed to do something with those writings before I could move on to new, fresh work. Some of the original manuscript was too good and valuable to be thrown out, but some of it definitely needed to be thrown out.

Ultimately, I cut the manuscript down to about one-third of its original size.  The Beatnik type adventures were shelved; the valuable contemplative insights and Christian testimonies were saved and polished.  The result is my novella-sized book now available on Amazon.  I even added some updates about my current journey to ground my old experiences.  The take-away is that this is the story of my first big "openings" in the contemplative life: the birth of my spirit into The Christian Mystical Way.  In Evelyn Underhill language, this is "Awakening," "Purgation," and a little bit of "The Dark Night."

You can view and buy my book at the link below.


Preparation For Great Light: Recollections Of A Christian Mystic.

 Clint Sabom is an award-winning writer and former aspirant monk. He works as a Spiritual Coach at Contemplative Light. His new book, Preparation For Great Light is available on Amazon.