Thursday, April 6, 2017

Me And Jason Stellman: Loving The Misfit Faith

I called up Jason Stellman, author of Misfit Faith, and we talked for a good while.  I felt a warm grace in his presence and our conversation bounced ideas that pointed towards the Infinite.  And yet I found myself, in Zen fashion, hearing our words become silence and the only language was the spacious New Orleans parlor in which I found myself at the time.   Then, air and space.  

But that is just the kind of existential weaving and creative passion for the endless Journey that Jason brings to the table.  And there is a demographic starving for it, a portion of Gen X and millennial Christians and post-evangelicals that long for a Quest, both personal and collective, but their repressive doctrinal youth formation didn’t always allow for it.  Jason and his co-host on their popular podcast, Drunk Ex-Pastors, don’t really seem to mind, though. They pour drinks and have fun, bringing a playful imagination and poignant honesty.  No veil of clergy to hide behind, Jason tells his story with the vulnerability and heart of an old, earnest friend.  (Yes, expect him to be on my podcast soon.)

My main take-away from our talk, though, was a gift of hopefulness, not just for myself, Jason, and the Christian journey - but for the collective body of American religion.  While there will always be heresy-hunters, quick to close up their hearts before an  idol of doctrine, I suspect they are not the majority.  And we have brave children of God like Jason to thank for that.  

Clint Sabom is an award-winning writer and former aspirant monk. He works as a Spiritual Coach at Contemplative Light. His new book, Preparation For Great Light is available on Amazon.