Sunday, May 14, 2017

Prayer To Enter The Sacred Heart


              We pray now to enter The Sacred Heart: the meeting points of East and West, North and South,  Buddhist and Christian, Hindu and Jew, Sufi and Taoist. 
               We pray now to enter the Womb and the Generation, the inhale and the exhale, the surrender and the choice, For there are many waves on the great ocean of God.
               We pray now to enter the Christ and the cross, the sunrise and the surrender, the purging fire of this life - the burning shadow cast in the widening light of Trinity.
               We pray now to enter wide-eyed into Maya, witnessing the dance of our illusory sin.  The silent mind rests in the infinite dark behind the eyes. Nothing exists and nothing ever will until this Christ is finally born again in Calvary. And again. And again.
               We pray now to enter Calvary and find our refuge in the Savior Jesus Christ, the Pain-Bearer, the Second Adam and the Sacred Son.  All could be blinded with Light, All could be stricken dumb or destroyed, or All could simply be the Love that is. Jesus chose to make everything Love, and in this we give Him praise.
               From this entrance we radiate-
                              With The Sacred Heart.
               From the sick man's bed we rise-
                              With The Sacred Heart.
              In an old friend's smiling face we see it -
                                       The Sacred Heart
               Through every moment we live-
                              Safely, held within The Sacred Heart.