Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Poem About Choice

I was born on September 11.  In addition to being a day of tragedy, I also noticed in a horoscope book that it is "the day of dramatic choice."   Whatever that means, it seems to be true for me.  I attempt to resolve the issue in this poem.....

All is a dance of Love

And from down in the graveyard
 An old cowboy once sang:
 One foot in Death,
 The other in Shame:

'Oh, scholars recording,
Get out your best pen,
Open the history Book
And write me in:

Some voices break too soon
Some voices can only cry,
Some voices are simply forgotten
But voices like mine never die.'

And then came the voice
Of The Crucified One:
'My dear, dear child
It's not what you've done--

Only The Father can move us
Beneath the Blue Sun
Of course there's no answer
There's nothing you've done:

You never had choice
You played no small part
All is a dance of Love
Inside My Sacred Heart.'

-Clint Sabom

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